Cheating because this is also listed on my poetry section but oh well and stuff

Missing someone is
the ending of fireworks.
The bang, the sizzle, that was the spark in their eyes.
Silence. They’re moving in the haze of the wind
You can’t catch the fog and you don’t know where they are.
They’re pressed across the pieces of your world, stitched across your heart like a patchwork quilt.
Maybe in reality they’re sitting a desk doing
complicated computer calculations while you’re
picturing them
racing down the highway, windows down, their car radio an anthem to the sky
pounding out the lyrics, a song of possibilities
their future without you
A future full of first dances and whiskey kisses, travelling under starlight, black skies, blue clouds, rain drops under heaven looking down watching them walk down the center of the bright path where you veered off and they’re left laughing at tumbleweeds with a smile while you wish on dewdrops, twinkle twinkle little star, that they were here
instead you invite them to stay a while, playing projections in your head of walking together, alone
Of making music, trumpet sounds, dancing down lamp lit streets, chasing fireflies, breathing in the rolling thunder
But the thunder rolls
On and on
The light in your eyes is off
Because they’re gone.

5 thoughts on “Missing

  1. Hi Lillyanne,
    I love this peace, really moving poem, it made me think of all the growing number of unfortunate people loosing their lives in terrorist attacks, so it both saddened me and delighted me at one stroke; what a wonderful poem, Thank you for following and liking poems on my blog, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

      1. Hi lilyAnne, (sorry I misspelled your name, I am very dyslectic, and spelling is a bit of a nightmare for me!) I realized from the title and the line on its own that the poem was about that, and it works wonderfully in that way too . I guess his is the thing about publishing a post, once it is out there, people will interpret the poem according to their feelings, understandings and surroundings, and it may not be the same as yours. Have a great weekend, Charles. 🙂

  2. Hi LilyAnne! Thanks for stopping by, and so sorry for the minimalism on my blog. I was browsing through your pieces, but this was the first to capture my attention. So much emotion, its like magic how what you write on the other side of the world can be felt here, thousands of miles away. Do keep up the good work. I’m really looking to your future masterpieces.

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