11:11 In The Middle of the Summer

It’s one of those weird unexplained phenomena like when you were thinking about your great Aunt Carol, then she calls you. Or that guy that you keep running into at the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, picking up a pizza.
But the universe holds twisty mysteries like these and my mystery is for the past month I keep looking at the clock, day and night, when it’s 11:11.
Make a wish.
So I do. Night, wish, day wish, I wish I might, I wish I may – have the wish I wish today.
My wishes go up in the form of prayers.
Wishing on a wishing star will only get you so far.
So I’ve been sending little half-thoughts, postcard scraps to God, that form when I see those hashmarks on the clock.
I wish for my family, I wish for my friends, I wish for my future that never ends I wish for stars to align
to find –
what I’ve been looking for and I wish to know what I’m finding.
I keep reminding myself
wishing all the time
might make it not come true
But I just looked at the clock again. It was 11:11. Night. Nightwish, nightstars. I looked that clock square in the face and I thought about you and for the first time
I thought
I don’t need to make a wish.
And I’ve never felt more brave.

9 thoughts on “11:11 In The Middle of the Summer

  1. Jim Noonan

    Reblogged this on The Daily Driver and commented:
    It’s the symetry. A balance of elevens. Half a summer gone, half yet to explore. Half a journey complete. A long way yet to go. It’s a trail of postcard wishes, rising into the summer sky like smoke that sparks the imagination.

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