The letter she never sent 

As the car floated through the canyons she
pictured that letter he never sent to her.
how she knew it would be full of things that would break her heart.
So she wrote her own
as they drove on through fog so thick
they couldnt’t see the future.
She wrote the letter about how she was afraid
and he wasn’t and
how she was always the one who let herself
slip away
because falling on her own
felt better than someone holding her close and
losing their grip.
Tread kissed puddles and she wrote about how he
asked her what she was thinking but
she had a thousand thoughts that were all more poetic than words
so as the hills rolled quietly against the liquid sky
all she could say was silence.
But she thought her words looked pretty stretched across the stars.
She liked them best pressed up against the raindrops on the window.
They painted the melody of a song she wanted to hear lit through the patchwork clouds.
He drove her through the town of dashed dreams. A little beach town where people came to say I love you or first thought it was possible they could.
Until the road stretches on and the timbre of the ocean
carries those words
on a current that says
you’ll have to try again someday.
And in the ocean breeze
on the moonlight cliff
she looked at him and wondered
if in that letter he never
he said he wanted to be her someday.
She hoped she was somebody’s someday as she looked over the edge and remembered her somedays passed.
And then
on the road again with hands fitting together she thought about how things always
fell out of place
and she wrote him that letter she’d never send.
She wrote it through the puddles and paint lines
She wrote it in the palm trees and open windows and hair whipping across her face.
She weaved it through her memories
of camping under open skies
low valleys and high deserts
running through December rain
and freeway overpasses
she wrote it and it said
I love you.

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