Hello internet. Hope you are having a perfectly pleasant day.

On this blog you will find (or have already found) a selection of the writing that comes out of my head and goes onto paper, then onto the screen. You can visit the links section for an even broader sample of this type of thing, along with a large amount of my other random online endeavors.

If you want me to write for you or edit for you, or you want to say hi, or you want to steal my identity, contact me at:


And now, answers in 50 words or less.

What’s your drink?

If it’s at Starbucks, when S’mores frapuccinos are in season, I’m in season. If I’m anywhere else, it’s a Midori sour, which I discovered I loved one day when I ordered a whiskey sour and an overworked waitress got my order mixed up. Sorry girl, but your loss my gain.

What’s something you’ve learned in the past month?

Roller coasters can’t kill you. I went on California Screamin’ for the first time in my life after being so afraid of roller coasters I’d rather swallow a cockroach than strap myself into one. But conquering that fear made me feel like I could conquer all life’s ups and downs.

What inspires you?

You do. Probably. People inspire me, people who look at life like a big grand adventure for them to conquer and will stop at nothing to do it. People who like to laugh, run marathons, write books, go on spontaneous road trips, and impact the world.

How do people describe you?

Texted a friend. He said, “The funny Aunt at a birthday party.” I’ll take it. I’ve also been told I’m someone to get a milkshake with, or harmonize to your melody at karaoke night. My crowning achievement was getting nominated “most creative” in 8th grade.

Where will you be in five years?

Two years past my midlife crisis. Hopefully. On a plane to London after getting lunch with David Sedaris, on my way to a book signing across the pond. I’ll make it back to my husband and kids to cook a spectacular lasagna in the evening.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done?

I hope my coolest thing is yet to come, but I was an orientation leader at Chapman for a week, where you lead around 30 freshmen and get about .5 seconds of sleep. After it was a over a student told me I changed their life. That was cool.

Tell us your life story:

Story: incomplete. Setting: Orange, Orange County. A girl grows up writing novels, playing soccer, and taming cats. High school’s fast: honors, friendships, and tennis. In college she discovers the ups and downs of relationships, how to laugh at life, and that she’s seeking the next step.

What do you think is the evolution of our industry?

From the beginning? Shakespeare. Skip ahead to the Mad Men era of advertising, when media began to take advantage of commercials. Fast forward to the internet and there it is – content marketing just waiting to happen on a big blank world wide web.

37 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi

    I like this a lot:

    “I am an undergraduate creative writing major who should realistically be pursuing a degree in professional time wasting and a masters in people watching, spontaneous outbreaks of laughter, and random trains of thought.”

    Professional time wasting shows to be in due time the real gain of life…;)


  2. KevinHattie

    I am digging your work, man! There are lines that could be straight out of any great writer’s work:

    “Aren’t we really all going places alone, with a bunch of other people?”

    “It’s the kind of sadness that can be addicting if you’re not careful”

    “People say that everyone is at different places in their lives. Although that might be true, we’re all in the same place if we stop and look at what’s above us, a place that we all have in common.”

    I look forward to what you have to say in the future.


    Kevin (From Glasgow, Scotland)

  3. I was going to click on “like” but I’m tired of “likes” – they’re so impersonal. On first glimpse through your intro, I like you, your sense of aliveness. It comes through in reading all those comments to you. Maybe I’ll adopt you. Do I need another granddaughter? Let me think… never too many of those. Have a beautiful day, LilyAnne – keep up the daydreaming: that’s where all the good dragons live.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog, LilyAnne, and hitting ‘Like’ for the poem ‘White Rose’s Secret’.
    Your gesture gave me an opportunity to visit your wonderful blog and read some of the posts. I found them pretty creative. They are interesting and…easy to read. Keep it up! Good luck!

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