Things I Write

I review things and then write about them.

I’m changing the world one article at a time over at

I also help people be more positive over at TheDailyPositive.

I wrote a lot of stuff for a men’s blog over at, which required some hefty researching.
The women’s blog, on the other hand…still required some hefty researching.

Check out some work I’m still doing for CollectiveLifestyle at that author page, too.

I also wrote for Cosmia Magazine.

I wrote a few articles here about things.

I also wrote these things for Calliope.

If you just can’t get enough, here’s my blog for random things.

Browse my collection of fashion creations that I make when bored (and also sometimes for fashion magazines, which is an up and coming thing.)

Another blog of random musings that I created for school, The Earth is as Blue as an Orange.

I wrote a book a while ago. And another book for younger people.

Follow my progress as I attempt to complete a novella about a dystopian world where music has been destroyed.

Articles and Such

Check out some work I did for Spylight at my author page.

When I’m not writing things or procrastinating, I’m playing video games, and writing about them.

I guess it’s pretty cool that I edit for Calliope.

A list of some of the articles I wrote for the Panther:

Social Media Things

On my other Instagram account I pretend I’m good at making words look graphically appealing.

Follow my journey as I try to find my niche in the twitter world.

I always used to think of Instagram as an instant measurement of weight, but then I realized it alluded to the word telegram. Anyway, here’s mine.

I think it would be awesome if the headquarters of pinterest had an elephantine-size room where people just walked in and literally pinned up cool stuff everywhere. Until that happens, here’s my Pinterest account.

My friends tell me I live on Buzzfeed. One day I’d love to work there and live there, but for now I just have an account.

LinkedIn is like the Facebook of the job world.

Other Miscellaneous Things

Once upon a time I entertained the idea that I was going to minor in game developing so I could get a leg up in the video game industry, because I think being a video game writer would be more or less the most awesome thing ever. During that once upon a time, however, I did make this with classmates. You’re gonna have to have a copy of Never Winter Nights 2…which I realize basically no one has anymore, but here’s this.

My friend is making a collaborative novel and asked for people to make their own characters to inhabit the world, so I obliged.

In case it’s not already easy enough for big brother to find me, here’s my web presence again, under Creative Writing.
If you didn’t feel like clicking all around, here’s direct links to a few articles:

I’ve been published around here and there:

The Metaworker

I’m the second story on the Found Polaroids website.

More articles I’ve written that are under another name but are actually very much indeed me:

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