The sky is falling – falling apart.

In a world organized by star signs, constellations rule life as everyone knows it. So when the stars start flashing out of control, day turns to night and back again in minutes, and the moon blinks on and off, life as everyone knows it is put into a tailspin.

Cordelia A. Rogers’, or Cord’s, life has always been somewhat of a tailspin. Born on the cusp, she’s neither an Aquarius or a Pisces – she’s both. And that spells trouble. People don’t like it when someone’s star sign isn’t clearly defined, and Cord was born at 12:00 on the dot between the two defining lines of her sign. An airy Aquarius sign with fish scales on her wrists and ankles is enough to cause a riot in the streets, so she hides them.

Reports of violence against the cusp born grow, and the turbulence in the sky continues to grow along with it. Amidst the stress of her government-appointed job as a Kindergarten assistant, her Aquarius classes at college, and figuring this whole young-adult life thing out, Cord and her friends realize that there’s a connection between the two. They also realize no one else is doing much to stop it, so the task falls into their hands.

All Cordelia really wants to do is be a painter. She never really wanted to save the world. But sometimes in life you don’t get everything you want.