Good Scars

I looked at the horizon with you, trying to make it right. The sun sank into the burnt orange sky. Almost, almost. But not quite beautiful. I try to convince myself
It’s fine,
it could be fine,
you could be right
if I let myself believe it. But it’s not, I’m not.
I’m still the girl with scars on her heart.
That’s the thing about scars. They fade, but they never really go away.
I know, however, that I am a believer in good scars. The scars that come out of –
“The second I saw you I thought you were gorgeous”
“Of course I’d like to go to practice but I like being around you more”
“You’re going to be a great mother one day”
“Even if we meet far down the road to just say hi, I’ll still care about you”
“I pray for you every day”
– those aren’t the regular scars, the “I hate you” and falling down and scraping yourself scars.
The good scars, those words are carved into your heart forever. Throbbing, beating with every pulse. Try as your tears might to wash them off, they’re never going to leave.

6 thoughts on “Good Scars

  1. ryleysatompkins

    I’ve found a secret for healing even “good scars”:)
    I sometimes ask myself “where did this idea come from?
    It was usually given. Wether good or bad. It’s possible to move backwards through even the good experiences.

    But some sweet scars are worth keeping. I agree.
    And even more so, the good sweet scars that can never be erased,
    Those are truths and truths from a lovers lips are the sweetest scars of all

  2. I heard once that scar tissue is stronger than the original. Isn’t that true with us? If we learn from the pain the scar becomes a medal of honor, a sign of forward movement, a badge of courage and strength. Maybe this we discover as we age….more scars….more healing…..more courage.
    I enjoy your writing!

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