I am a Potato

We were talking about how everyone who goes to our college is ridiculously attractive, and my friend said, “But I’m a potato.” So this happened.

I am a Potato

I am a potato
is what I think when I see everyone else walking – no, twirling – around in their sandals and tank-tops and smiles with white picket fence teeth.
Don’t over-analyze the metaphor like I used to over-analyze what makes them tick – no, float. Across the sidewalk pavement making the cracks look vintage,
not like stepping on them would break their mother’s backs
or more likely their own, if they’re not careful.
But not mine because I’m a potato and I don’t have a back. Or a spine.
“What up, spud? they say languidly as they pass into the breezy sunshine.
Because I’m a potato I just sit there and look like a potato.
They’re wild and free and tan and careless and dance laughing through the supermarket.
They flow like water and I flow like nothing because I am a potato.
And while I’ll never learn the secret to their beauty and grace
and the only features of a face
that I have are too many eyes
at least I hang around and
mash to my own beat.

19 thoughts on “I am a Potato

  1. Brilliant. You, be the best potato you could ever be and you’ll always be happy. In Ireland we love potatoes, not only the fancy ones ,the ordinary ones have their own special taste too. Glad I met your very very descriptive, easy read writing.

  2. Lily,

    This is a fun trope. I especially like the ironic sense of having “too many eyes.” Is that really a bad thing?

    One question from a technical pov. Do you always lineate your poems by centering? I think it may take away from the potential rhythm that can work with line breaks. How would this poem be different if you used left flush & thought more about using some enjambment?


    1. Thanks! Glad for the like. I actually usually don’t center them – interesting idea. I kind of wanted it centered to make it a little more awkward sounding but it’s true it could flow better.

  3. Robert Hatfield

    I enjoy pieces that twist life into an unthought-of points of view and using humor to look at ourselves. This is a tried and true way to be untouchable when it comes to dealing with another’s making a joke at our expense; become part of the joke. After being tough on yourself only a fool would cast negative dispersions about you. Luckily, I’m a spud with a thick skin….

  4. yessenia77

    Gosh, I love this poem. Its funny just a couple hours ago I felt like a sad potato and then I read this beautiful piece.

  5. Very cute. And potatoes are healthy–containing potassium, at least the potato skin. Were you identifying with the whole potato or just the surface? 🙂
    Thanks for liking my recent post. It was what directed me to your blog which I really enjoy!

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