the songs play over and over and over and over
every year
we wish you a
merry Christmas
until they don’t mean
anything everything nothing something how are you good
but the word that keeps playing
merry over and over Christmas over and over
it still means
anything everything, love
love nothing love something
on Christmas
how are you, love
I am over and overplayed
keep playing nothing
until it doesn’t
mean anything
we wish.

2 thoughts on “Overplayed

  1. merry
    and love
    when properly surrounded
    will mean

    merriment is lovely
    when revealed
    in cheeks
    and whimsical eyedance
    christmas or no

    Hi and thanks for giving my poem a look. Yours that I then looked at are honest and nicely Stephen-Cranesque in their succinct focus. Hope you keep writing!

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