This is probably my favorite word.

Ok, my favorite word has always been really cliche because my favorite word is Hope, after Emily Dickonson’s poem. I’ve got it memorized. But I’m planning on doing a whole series of poems on the word. Wrote this one really fast in class because I can’t get the word out of my head.

when she’s walking with wildflowers
and in her thoughts with violet hours
scouring horizons with devisings of
surprising realization that
hers are separate sensations from others’

And the thought of a
Leaves her to ponder if
she’s really the only one
tripping over raindrops and sinking in the sun.

wander, wander, wonder
if that rolling thunder
is nothing more than
another entire world wrapped in a perfect crackling little
orb of electricity only
to deny the simplicity of the implicitness in the explicit realization
that she’s walking through fields and wildflowers
in those violet
daisy hours

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